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  • Dreams


    Dreams are a curious thing,A world beyond imagining,A place where we can be,Anything we want to be. In dreams, we can fly so high,Or reach for stars up in the sky,We can be strong and bold,Or brave and daring, and never grow old. Dreams can bring us joy and peace,Or fill us with a sense […] Read more

  • Cold Creeps

    Cold Creeps

    Cold creeps in, with icy touch,Making bones shiver, yearning for such,Warmth of fire, in the heart of home,Where love and laughter, forever roam. The air is still, the sky is grey,A chill that settles, without delay,A world of white, a blanket of snow,Beauty so pure, in its silent glow. The trees stand tall, with branches […] Read more

  • Silence


    Silence, a symphony of stillnessA lullaby for the soul’s emptinessA pause in the chaos, a moment of peaceA chance for reflection, release It speaks louder than any soundA message profoundA reminder of the beauty in nothingnessA feeling of pure sereness In the quiet, we hear our heartsAnd our thoughts are given a fresh startSilence, a […] Read more

  • Nature’s wonder

    Nature’s wonder

    Nature’s canvas painted in hues,Mountains towering, oceans blues.Fields of gold, and skies so bright,A symphony of beauty, pure delight. Beneath the stars, the moon aglow,A peaceful calm that comes and goes.The wind that whispers through the trees,Nature’s symphony, it never cease. From the tiniest ant to the tallest tree,All part of the balance, wild and […] Read more

  • The Stars

    The Stars

    Stars in the night sky,A cosmic symphony,Each one a burning light,Guiding us to infinity. A billion years old,And yet forever young,A wonder to behold,For every eye that’s sprung. A reminder of our place,In this vast and endless space,A connection to the past,And a hope for the future to clasp. ~ Unknown Thanks for reading ! Read more

  • Dark Life

    Dark Life

    The time is changing so fast that to make happy orTo finding a minute for self isThat hard for thoseWho are fighting daily inThe world’s trauma. The struggle with sadness is Not from present’s but itIs coming up to years to Generations, Some strengthened themselves, some Are being and some wants to get butTheir struggle […] Read more